Chrome Moly Alloy Flanges A/SA182
Trade Name Grade UNS# Flanges
1 1/4 Chrome F11 Class 1 K11597 A182 / SA182
1 1/4 Chrome F11 Class 2 K11572 A182 / SA182
1 1/4 Chrome F11 Class 3 K11572 A182 / SA182
2 1/4 Chrome F22 Class 1 K21590 A182 / SA182
2 1/4 Chrome F22 Class 3 K21590 A182 / SA182
5 Chrome F5 K41545 A182 / SA182
9 Chrome F9 K90941 A182 / SA182
F91 F91 K90901 A182 / SA182
F92 F92 K92460 A182 / SA182


Work Scope

This specification covers forged low alloy flanges for use in pressure systems manufactured to specified dimensions or industry standard dimensional specifications.

For bars and products machined directly from bar refer to Specification A/SA739 for the similar grades available in this specification. Products made to this specification are limited to a maximum weight of 10 000 lb [4540 kg]. For larger products and products for other applications, refer to Specification A/SA336 / A/SA336M for the similar low alloy grades available in this specification.

Several grades of low alloy steels are included in this specification. Selection will depend upon design and service conditions.

Supplementary requirements are provided for use when additional testing or inspection is desired. These shall apply only when specified individually by the purchaser in the order.

Review of Procurement Requirements:

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to specify in the purchase order all ordering information necessary to purchase the needed material.

In addition to the ordering information guidelines in Specifications A/SA961 / A/SA961M, orders should include the following information:

  • Additional requirements, and
  • Description of flange and nominal dimensions (standard or special)
  • Requirement, if any, that manufacturer shall submit drawings for approval showing the shape of the rough forging before machining and the exact location of test specimen material.

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