SCHEDULE : STD, 40, XH, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, XXH
GRADE : Grade 1/6 and Grade 3
SPECIAL : Special wall thickness greater than schedule

A/SA-333 Grades allow for cold temperature service to minus 150°F. Material is always provided in the normalized condition at a minimum and Charpy Impact tested to a specific temperature range to assure compliance with the required service temperature.

Low Temperature Seamless & Welded Pipe A/SA213
Trade Name Grade 1 Low Temp Grade 6 Low Temp Grade 3 Low Temp
Seamless / Welded Pipe A/SA333 Grade 1 A/SA333 Grade 6 A/SA333 Grade 3


Work Scope

The specification listed above reflects the common materials required for manufacture and fabrication of items for use in Low Temperature Service.

Review of Procurement Requirements:

Ordering information for this specification should address the following:
1) Quantity.
2) Seamless or welded.
3) Grade
4) Size and schedule / average wall thickness.
5) Specific or random lengths.
6) Any end condition desired other than plain ends.
7) Test Report requirements.
8) Any supplementary or special requirements.

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