Double Block Bleed Valves
Double Block Bleed Valves-1

A valve selection is very important in petroleum industry. An wrong valve selection causes the decrease of income, the pollution of product and the increase of product maintenance cost.
In multi-product system, valve should stand cycle variation of frequent and cut off completely in up-stream sealing and down sealing. Double block and bleeding valve is developed for satisfying a demand fact of metering station, tank farm marine loading docks, blending plant.

D.B.B can do complete isolation without leakage in a design pressure, and the design of valve is that a seal doesn’t contact with valve body during valve opening or closing. The moment the last of closing operation a seal contacts with body, the force consists of only pressure force. A shearing force doesn’t be suspended. In all opening, handle operation, a seal in separated form body, and maintain this state during plug rotation. This takes off the abrasion of seal and extends a life.

Double Block Bleed Valves-2

● Complete interception
When the valve is closed, a seat place is in serfed in around plug and body port, And elastic quality of seal is compressed inside groove completely.
It is a simple design without using spring for fixing a seal, line pressure, seal differential or brute force. A sealing of D.B.B is perfect and can substitute for line blind.

● Quick and easy operation
D.B.B looks like a gate valve, and the operation of D.B.B is like a ball valves, but it is called and plug valve. Like this, D.B.B use only the merit of each valve for complete sealing.
The operation mechanism of D.B.B id an easy operation by minimum rotation.

● It is possible to repair on-line
It is possible to inspect and substitute a seal in on-line D.B.B. This valve is designed for an easy use substitution and decrease at minimum repair cost.

● Operation without a shock
The operation mechanism of D.B.B is a self locking method, so the force of fluid from line doesn’t rotate a plug voluntarily. There aren’t plug slaw, line shock and the risk of worker injury. In large size valve it isn’t no necessity for attaching gear for catching the shock of line force.
Because of this properties, it is changed that petroleum industry business of whole the world like D.B.B for good efficiency, long life, easy maintenance and tow maintenance cost during using.

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